A Bioactive Mineral With A Broad-Spectrum Action
Synthesit is a unique product which combines safety, high efficacy and a broad-spectrum action.
Synthesit has demonstrated a unique ability to activate the hematopoietic system, restore blood circulation and improve oxygen delivery to all organs and tissues of the body.
Synthesit is an innovative supplement. Its intake helps increase blood oxygen levels by up to 100%. Due to this action of the mineral the physical performance and endurance are improved by up to 30%.
Improves the function of the oxygen transport system
Promotes detoxification of the body and reduces inflammation
Stabilizes blood pressure and lowers heart rate during intense exercise
Comprehensive support for digestive health and function
Normalization and maintenance of metabolism and blood biochemistry
Faster regeneration of damaged joints, ligaments and bones
Improved physical activity and endurance
Synthesit is a bioactive supplement based on iron (III) citrate of inorganic origin with a science-backed unique effect on cellular metabolism.
Synthesit promotes systemic improvement of the body's overall health, increases vital energy and helps improve cognitive abilities.
The mineral helps improve blood oxygen levels (SpO2), restore circulation, stimulate regeneration and increase both mental and physical performance.
Increased stress resistance, immune support
Stabilized blood pressure
Pro-regenerative and anti-aging effects

    • Stimulates regeneration of tissues and organs
    • Increases both physical and mental activities
    • Eliminates toxins and normalizes blood biochemical parameters
    • Activates the hematopoietic system and promotes the formation of new blood and immune cells
    • Improves blood oxygen levels (SpO2) up to 100% and oxygen delivery to organs and tissues
    Improves metabolism and red blood cell function, increases blood oxygen saturation by up to 100%
    What do you feel?

    Increased oxygen delivery to all organs
    Improved cardiovascular function
    Accelerated regeneration
    Faster recovery after intense exercise
    Stable blood pressure within healthy ranges
    Enhanced endurance
    Improves brain blood flow and circulation
    What do you feel?

    Restored neuronal function
    Improved concentration and memory
    Increased stress resistance and performance
    Eased chronic fatigue
    Better sleep quality
    Stimulates the formation of new lymphocytes, platelets and leukocytes
    What do you feel?

    Improved overall health and cardiovascular function
    Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke
    Enhanced immunity
    Milder course of disease when ill and rapid recovery
    Stronger resistance to infections and cytokine storm
    Normalizes blood biochemical parameters and promotes the release of toxins from the body
    What do you feel?

    Improved hepatic and pancreatic function
    Maximized vitamin and nutrient absorption
    Normalized metabolism
    Better mood